Portfolio For Kimble Company

A Portfolio for the Kimble Company I want to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider my portfolio. I am very open to listening too and embracing any feedback you may have. I have a wide variety of different graphics, music selections, and styles of videos to work with to improveContinue reading “Portfolio For Kimble Company”

The Ultimate Guide To Guernsey County Easter Egg Hunts! (2019)

There is a basket full of Easter Egg Hunts to choose from in Guernsey County this year. The following is a list comprised of upcoming Public Easter Egg Hunts in Guernsey County for 2019. The addresses at which these events will take place have been linked to Google Maps for your GPS convenience. These events have been organized by date. We hope this list will help local parents find the right ones to attend.

Cambridge Woman, Mother of Four, Nearly Dies Twice and House Burns Belongings

Hometown Multimedia is a platform where I not only want to help people in business, create higher quality, better digital advertising, and marketing campaigns, but I also want to help my community and its citizens. Hence, the name, “Hometown Multimedia.” I sometimes agree to take on pro bono causes to help raise awareness. I helpContinue reading “Cambridge Woman, Mother of Four, Nearly Dies Twice and House Burns Belongings”

Welcome To Our Business Research Blog: What Is The Best Color For My Brand?

Hometown-Multimedia is going to start publishing articles and research of our own; in addition to sharing published articles, we think you will find interesting about the world of business! This will keep us on our toes with the latest business research available and provide our clients with information that can help them in their businessContinue reading “Welcome To Our Business Research Blog: What Is The Best Color For My Brand?”

Guernsey County CDC Internship Videos

During my final semester at Ohio University I participated in a internship with the Guernsey County Community Development Corporation, shadowing and creating an informational documentary to teach the community of what it is they do to help the communities of Guernsey County. A version of the CDC Campaign shortened for marketing   Full Length VersionContinue reading “Guernsey County CDC Internship Videos”