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Disclaimer: This Website is still under construction, the links to different area of the sites will be filled in as we begin to upload projects to the site. 


My name is J.C. Shively. I am a freelance entertainment Disc Jockey, digital artist, blogger, writer, and photographer. I was also a radio broadcaster/personality for http://www.radiofreeappalachia.com covering music and sports. I was also a student journalist for “Career Center News” where I had my own political segment called “The O’Shively Factor” and produced award winning short documentaries for Black History month.

In 2005, I finished my education at Mid-East Career Technology Centers by graduating from their 2 year program earning a certification in Digital Media Production. I went on to work for the Ridge Tool Company for 8 years, including promotions that gave me meaningful experience in the Distribution industry.  In 2013, I went back to school at Ohio University where I gained an Associate of Applied Science, Electronic Media with an emphasis in Multimedia, a minor in History and I just finished a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (B.S.A.M.) to go with those 8 years of experience in industry. I’ve been producing marketing and advertising materials for different people and places, since 2004 where I started creating content for “Da Houze” a teen night club where I was the Disc Jockey.

Currently I am the creator and administrator of multiple websites, social media groups and pages. I designed and write for my multiple websites including Hometown-Multimedia.com, IloveAmericanHistory.org and GuernseyCountyHistory.com. Hometown Multimedia was born from the idea that we can help small businesses create better advertising materials for their Digital Marketing efforts. Our aim here is to not just advertise, but to tell a story. We want to help businesses, people, candidates, create content that people laugh at, are inspired by, and ultimately want to share with other folks. “To Laugh, To Inspire, To Share

If you would like contact me you can send me a message on Facebook here or here.

You can call 740-825-0999 and leave me a message.

You can also send me an email at JS066513@ohio.edu or James.Shively@yahoo.com.

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  7. I’m so glad I found someone who doesn’t like the Browns, and the Steelers.. I am from Cambridge but now I’m living in wild and wonderful Waverly, West by God Virginia. its only about 55 minutes from Cambridge. By the way my Teams are Jacksonville, and Cincinnati
    I love Cambridge and all the history about it. Edith Ann

    • Thank you so much for you comment Edith. I too love history especially the local kind.. We can still hear, smell, and see some of the same sights as our forefathers and that sure is amazing too me. I’m originally from the Cincinnati area, although I grew up going back and forth to and from Cincinnati and Cambridge. Given that connection I have been a life long Bengals fan. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a little worried about those Browns this year. They really hit two birds with one stone when they signed our now old offensive coach a new head coach. We shall see.. Thank you again for taking your time to read what I write and the comment, the support is never taken for granted. 😀

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  9. I’m a mother of an addict. Cory my son in prison for four yrs, never one day in trouble prior. Busted for using in prison. I’m so disgusted n hurt. I thought this was punishment/prison…..nope a smorgisboard. I was exploited beginning last oct. I’ve had to spend 1000s to inmates threatening his life….I gave in…he gave in an relapsed. I’m extremely disgusted w the system my hometown judge. I’m sick, this I am obsessed w a drug I don’t do.
    Norwalk ohio…..hmm check out the help wanted sign in the cop shop.
    There lies the answer on why nothings being done.
    I’m sorry I’ve lost faith in america.
    I’ve wondered n researched day after…where an why is it here n how damn it!? Grrrr
    I like u ask n beg for answers only the government can answer.
    Thank you for this, thought I was alone in my thoughts an struggles.
    Love ya ! Peace n Thank You very much. This will be shared on my page!

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