Idiot Babysitter Kills 8-Month Old Baby With Benadryl!


The Reynoldsburgh Police Department have arrested 43 yr. old Lori Conley on murder and child endangering charges.


According to 10tv News out of Columbus, Ohio a suburban babysitter–43-year-old Lori Conley from Reynoldsburg, Ohio–is being charged with murder for the death of an 8-month old baby. Apparently the baby sitter was running an unlicensed care business where she was overseeing the care of many children and stated she gave the baby an overdosed amount of the medication Benadryl in an attempt to get the baby to stop fussing and fall asleep. In an interview with local media the a spokesman for the police department said they would be pursuing this as an act of violence.


To read more you go to 10tv’s website here. 

One thought on “Idiot Babysitter Kills 8-Month Old Baby With Benadryl!

  1. This used to be our babysitter when my daughter was a baby and I am not surprised. We stopped using her because she was going through a divorce and started acting very weird. My daughter was a toddler when we quit using her and she used to tell us that Lori never fed her. We didn’t believe it at first, but when we questioned her about snacks, my daughter would say that she fed her own kids snacks but didn’t give her any. My daughter had no reason to lie. The last straw is when I told her we were going to start putting her in a pre-school part time, so she could get more socialization, since she was Lori’s only child, she told me to come get my kid right now. I drove right over there and she pushed my child out of the door by her head and then started screaming at me, outside, in front of the whole neighborhood. She was cussing at me, and yelling and pointing her finger in my face, calling me names, and then proceeded to throw the diaper bag at me and slam the door in my face. I wanted to contact authorities then but had no actual proof that she had done anything bad to my child. My heart goes out to the poor parents. I hope this woman is never allowed to watch another child again. She belongs in prison.

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