Jesus Did Not Say Being Gay Was A Sin!

Jesus Did Not Say Being Gay Was A Sin
I have to say in my recent studies regarding Christianity and sexuality,  I have been surprised at how assertive Christian people are in our culture in regards to calling homosexuality a “sin.” Afterall, Jesus Christ never called it a sin. Biologically, we find almost every advanced intelligent species on earth including monkeys, dolphins, and human beings have homosexual populations at random. If you believe in God, it is getting harder and harder to deny that God has made people Gay on a biological level.  Look, I am not an expert on the Bible.. But many people close to me know I have not been a stranger to it either, going all the way back to my childhood. So I am going to give you my shorthand interpretation of the Bible and a little about the life of Jesus, and explain why my comprehension of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, have no conflict with homosexuality.
What is the Old Testament?
The Old Testament is more or less the Jewish Bible people followed before the life of Jesus. In this you will find things like the Ten Commandments, and other rules that define what is moral and what is not moral. You’ll find some allegorical and even some true stories that were written to explain to people the consequences of their actions. For example, in the era of Noah, people sinned so much, it angered God and he flooded the earth as a result. So.. Sin = Bad... There are also prophecies in this Jewish book that predict the coming of the Son of God, who is going to save the Jewish people from their centuries of oppression by the Egyptians and the Romans.. Included in the Old Testament is a book called Leviticus. This is the book that includes the scripture against homosexuality.
If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. – Leviticus 20:13
What else is in Leviticus?
I have to also mention some of the other archaic laws mentioned in Leviticus, I won’t mention the other absurd rules and laws found in Deuteronomy and Exodus and other books in the Old Testament. I’m just showing you why I don’t think this book should be taken literally by Christians.
Cutting the hair on the sides of your head or clipping of the edges of your beard -Leviticus 19:27… Well, now that is a game changer, eh?
Wearing clothing woven of more than one kind of cloth – Leviticus 19:19… Polyester, mixed wool coats anyone? 
Planting more than one kind of seed in a field – Leviticus 19:19… Turns out my grandmother was a bigger sinner than I thought. :/ 
Being a psychic, medium or spiritualist – Leviticus 20:27… Amazing how many proclaimed Christians seek the help of psychics and mediums to get in touch with their dead loved ones.
Eating fat – Leviticus 3:17… Fast Food is sin!
Eating pork – Leviticus 11:7-8… Turns out Muslims aren’t the only ones banned from eating bacon.
Women menstruating are to be separated from everything and anything they touch is to be deemed unclean – Leviticus 15:19/Leviticus 20:18… Who sends their Wife to a hotel for a week every single month?
So, as you can see Leviticus is an Ancient Jewish law code. It is completely useless in context to the prophecies of a saviour and it has no allegorical value either. As far as Christians are concerned, this book should be absolutely meaningless.
What is the Philosophy of Christ?
Then along comes Jesus, the saviour the Old Testament predicted. He travels the Middle-East performing miracles. He becomes the first superstar of the Jewish people. When he travels people know in advance when he is coming and they gather much like American teenagers did in the 60’s and later the 90’s when the Beetles and the Backstreet Boys were coming to a city near you. He preaches a philosophy of love and peace everywhere he goes. The New Testament is written by a group of his closest friends. The New Testament is an eyewitness account by them, telling his story. It tells us of how he is accused of breaking the Old Jewish Law we find in the Old Testament. He is accused of being a “false prophet.” The Jewish leaders that are responsible for enforcing the rules laid out in the Old Testament, including Leviticus, are the very men that tried and convicted Jesus as a man who broke these laws. On top of enforcing the judgemental rules in the Old Testament, they also operated corruptly, driven by money and greed. Jesus called them out on this, and obviously that didn’t help his case much. It is a pretty well known fact by Christians that Jesus did not exactly agree with the Jewish leaders of his time.
I don’t think it’s unfair to assume he would not have agreed with the absurd judgemental rules in Leviticus. His actions certainly suggest it, you see the Old Testament has to be included in the Bible. The reason it has to be included? Well in order for us to understand the significance of the Birth of Christ, we must understand the Jewish prophecies included in the Old Testament that predict his coming to earth. To understand the significance of his life on earth we must understand the history and background of which he was born. I don’t believe the purpose of the Old Testament is to give Christians a philosophy they must follow. I believe that role is the role of our saviour. I believe that was the purpose for Christ’s visit to earth. He was sent to teach us how to love one another. The Old Testament should not be taken literally by Christians. Christians are supposed to follow the philosophy of Christ, not the philosophy of the men that killed him.
Actually, in the first hand accounts we have of Jesus Christ preaching his philosophy, nowhere does he condemn homosexuality. He does however promote people loving each other. Actually, getting people to love each other was his primary mission. Everywhere he went and every time he spoke, love, was at the center of conversation. There are debates on whether or not the New Testament mentions or condemns homesexuality, however, what is not up for debate is whether or not Jesus condemned homesexuality. We know–according to the Bible–that he did not directly condemn homosexuality.
We all remember the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” In Church they gave us wrist bands with WWJD on them and told us when we confronted temptation to look at our bands and remember to ask ourselves “What Would Jesus Do?” Well I can honestly say when I think of passing judgements on gay people and then ask myself that question “What Would Jesus Do?” I’ve come to the conclusion that Jesus would have me love them not condemn them and tell them they are sinning. Jesus did not call them sinners, what gives you that right? In fact if we go by what Jesus said, we cannot come to the conclusion that being gay is even a sin. Just as a misinterpretation and teaching of the Bible was used in the past by the likes of the Crusaders, Slave Owners,  the KKK, and the Nazi’s, to justify their henious behavior. A misinterpretation and teaching of the Bible today is being used tell gay people they are sinners.
A Message to Religious Leaders
If the goal of being a Christian is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, I ask and challenge Pastors, Preachers, and even Priests to think about actually following his teachings. The words of the Old Testament are the same words that put him up on the cross. Do you sincerely believe Jesus would have you hold the rules of the Old Testament in higher regard to his actual words and teachings? Logically speaking, it’s almost impossible to believe he spent his whole life traveling from village to village without encountering a gay person or homosexuality. Yet, none of the men who followed him wrote of him condemning gay people. I believe if you’re being honest with yourself, you cannot deny this omission as very telling to how he felt on this issue. Certainly if he was as passionate as many of you are on the issue, he would have wanted to be on the record about it right?
If your mission is to spread the word of Christ, why are you spending so much energy spreading the words of the Old Testament and not the words of Christ? Why is it that you’re using this Jewish book, a book the predated Jesus Christ to do the same thing the Jewish leaders did with it? Judge and condemn others to hell? I’m not saying the Old Testament is useless in teaching the words of God. Again, it is useful for teaching the history of the Bible, and the prophecies that led up to the birth of Christ. However, didn’t the rules and laws of the Old Testament became obsolete the day Christ was born? When Christ walked the earth spreading the word of God, the words of peace and of love, and when he challenged the Jewish leaders and their laws, wouldn’t that suggest a new law was being written by him?
Listen, if you want to be Jewish then by all means I believe your Bible condemns homosexuality. However, if you’re going to be a “Christian,” I ask.. Why are you using Jewish laws to condemn and judge your neighbor? Why are you not using the words of Christ to love thy neighbor? The next time you decide to utter the words “gay is sin” I would like you to remember where that line came from…  Because it wasn’t Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Christ walked this earth, spreading love and peace everywhere he went. I do not believe he walked this earth condemning people telling them they were going to hell. It seems the Christ you know and the Christ I know are not one of the same. The Jesus Christ I know–the Jesus Christ written about in the Bible–never said being gay was a sin.

P.S. — If your reaction to this, is something to the nature of “Who is this guy? He’s nobody important… He’s not the Pope”… Just remember, I could say the samething about you.. 😀 

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