Top Ten 90’s Sitcoms Screaming for a Sequel!



Clarissa Explains it All

10.) Clarissa Explains It All – Everybody remembers this obscure quirky teenage girl. Melissa Joan Hart really got her start as Clarissa, who not only is the star of the show, she also narrates the show by talking straight to the viewer. Everybody at one point wished they were allowed to have a ladder going right into their girlfriend’s bedroom. A remake for this show may not necessarily be a blockbuster, but I’m sure a lot of people would tune in to see how Clarissa turned out as an adult.


Boy Meets World

9.) Boy Meets World – Every young boy in the 90’s, had a crush on Topanga let’s not kid each other. This show followed “Cory” into his College years and we all remember the frustrating bi-polar nature of Topanga’s affection for Cory. Of course they end up married and living happily ever after. Or did they?


Sister, Sister!

8.) Sister, Sister  – Who can forget the twins separated at birth but brought back together by their adopted parents. The limousine driving father and the single mother who chose to make it work for the betterment of the twins. A remake that includes the annoying neighbor boy Roger–who is obsessed with both of the twins–would draw a big audience.



7.) Roseanne – This show was really dragged through the mud by its writers in the finale. Controversy swirled at the meaning of Roseanne’s twisted diary. If it were not for this killing any hopes at a future sequel, people would lineup in flocks to see where these characters ended up in the 21rst Century.



6.)Martin – “DAMNNN GINA!” Rumors have swirled about a possible remake of this classic 90’s sitcom. No news as of late but some sources placed the singer Ashanti as the new “Gina.” If this happens it’s just further proof that the big boys are opening their pocketbooks to attract the Millennials. Look out, Fox could be actually making this one very soon.


Married With Children

5.) Married With Children – “Love and marriage, love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage.” Come on, who wouldn’t go crazy over seeing Al Bundy as a grumpy grandfather? This show really made us feel normal in comparison to the dysfunction of the Bundy family. It’s hard to imagine a show like this existing today in our politically correct culture, but I’m sure if they made it, we would watch it.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4.) The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will Smith literally turned around pop culture in a way previous generations had never seen. White kids were now growing up thinking it was cool to be black. I envied the awesome haircuts and the slick cool nature of Will Smith. Who wouldn’t want to see Will as a family man and Carlton as an annoying uncle? Will Smith is likely too expensive for the networks, but if this happened it would likely make “Fuller House” seem petty in success.


Home Improvement

3.) Home Improvement – ABC really got it wrong. Trying to capture the magic of the 90’s, instead of just remaking the show “Home Improvement,” in 2011 they listed Tim Allen to do a new show called “Last Man Standing.” I’m not knocking the new show, Mike Baxter is great. But can we all just be honest here… Mike Baxter is no Tim Taylor and a lot of people don’t even know who Mike Baxter is or that he even exists. Bringing back “Home Improvement” would have been a much better idea.


The Wonder Years

2.) The Wonder Years – Netflix has picked up “The Wonder Years” for those of you who may have forgotten this great timeless piece of work. The writing in this show is nothing short of brilliant. Highly underrated, this is one of the greatest shows ever made. It takes on the controversies of the 1960’s and the 1970’s as the main character, Kevin, fights through adolescence into his teenage years. Talk about a cross-generational opportunity. Finding out where Kevin and Winnie end up in the 1980’s and the 1990’s would be a great way for Millennials to explore their own past while attracting gen xers and even baby boomers.


Family Matters/Steve Urkel

1.) Family Matters – AKA Steve Urkel. This show tops my list of 90’s shows screaming for a sequel because the character Steve Urkel, is truly an iconic symbol of the 1990’s. TGIF was a top of every kid’s todo list every week and the biggest star of that prime time programming was Steve Urkel. Reviving Steve Urkel as a fumbling but irreplaceable mad scientist would undoubtedly drive ratings through the roof. Urkel with 21rst century technology would–in my opinion–shoot family ratings into the sky like an Urkel built rocket. “Diiiiiddd I dooo thhhattt?” Again.

Now I realize I am not anyone of real consequence. My opinion is just that, an opinion among many. This is really just a fun little exercise that has allowed me to take a ride back in time. So I want to give you an opportunity to do the same. Please take our poll, if your show isn’t listed you can write in your answer. Don’t be afraid to reminisce with us and tell us what you think in the comments too!

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten 90’s Sitcoms Screaming for a Sequel!

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  2. Pingback: Netflix debuts “Fuller House”: Top Ten 90’s Sitcoms Screaming for a Sequel – DeeJC- A Voice for the Millennials!

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