A Portfolio By J.C. Shively – (740) 584-4575

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider my portfolio. By embracing feedback, researching and investing in technology, I have gained a vast amount of technical knowledge. I hope that is reflected in my content. Whether it is business development, sales, brand awareness, engagement, recruiting, educating, or a combination of all these things; my skill set can help your company achieve it’s objectives and goals. As you journey through this material you will find I have gained meaningful experience in these fields.

Sales Funnels/CRM Integrated Ads With Landing Pages

As the Marketing Administrator at Parry Real Estate I have storyboarded, written, shot, edited, and placed lead capture campaigns through a variety of ad placement platforms (Facebooks Ads/Google Ads/LinkedIN Ads.)

As a frequency tool, these campaigns often include traditional print materials like yard signs, pamphlets, keychains, etc. This type of campaign can be applied to different uses, including recruiting, petitions, sign ups and more.

Commercial Property Valuations

These are value proposition campaigns.  I offer free services or downloads in order to get potential clients to click the “call to action” button.
After clicking the “learn more” call to action, potential clients are taken to a landing page where they’re given instructions to get started. This is fully integrated with our CRM to generate lead capture emails.

The First Step To Buying A House!

I include customized thumbnails throughout the funnel. The thumbnails allow for photo ad placement matching the video.
These landing pages are created after researching keywords. Meta data and descriptions are also written to improve search engine optimization (SEO.)

More Equals More

In this campaign, I utilized branded keychains for clients to include in the video.
I also designed “More Equals More” signs that were placed around the community as a frequency medium to match the video ad campaign. The more people see your advertising in different places, the more likely it is they will remember it.
I improved engagement on the social media page by challenging followers to play a game with their children. “Sign Hide N Seek” challenged them to snap photo’s of these signs when they seen them and share them with our online community. 

Local Businesses

Denny’s Zanesville/Cambridge

Parry Real Estate
Changing the Real Estate Game Campaign
Other Campaigns
In this particular campaign, I targeted potential clients by their geographic location. This ad was sent out to 5 different counties, including images in the video specific to local landmarks.

Galaxy Pizza

Driver Recruitment Campaign

Community Events,
Organizations and Candidates


Lindsey Angler for Guernsey County Prosecutor
Gus Macker Recruitment
Pathways Fellowship
A Documentary on the History of Guernsey County for the Guernsey County Community Development Corporation is also responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of Facebook pages and websites:, I Love American History, and “The Ad Agent” to name a few.